General Comments about Wallace Fountains
Commentaires généraux sur Fontaines Wallace


  1. Barbara Lambesis

    Wallace Fountains have graced the streets of Paris for almost 150 years. Their artistic beauty, along with their historical, cultural, social and charitable significance make them a national treasure. When you search for the fountains, you discover the hidden treasures of the city’s small neighborhoods and backstreets, those areas less traveled but equally rich in beauty, heritage and vibrancy. Find the fountains and you will find the real Paris.

  2. John Davies

    I live in Australia and now in my 70s.
    When I was more involved with teaching art to people who intended to be artists, I regularly visited Paris, mainly to view the galleries of photography.
    I became intrigued by the work of Arget and also the presence of the Wallaces.
    My project was to photograph all the Wallaces and produce a work where their images would be added to the Metro map.
    That is just now not possible but maybe someone could take it up.
    I think it would bring people’s attention to things other than the tourist traps.
    Thank you again for your web page.
    John Davies (Dr)

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