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Society of the Wallace Fountains

Mission – The mission of the Society of the Wallace Fountains is to promote, preserve and protect the iconic Wallace Fountains of Paris. Only two of the beautiful and useful Wallace drinking fountains in Paris are classified as historic monuments, yet all have great social, cultural and historic significance. The Society is dedicated to informing an international audience about the fountains and to generating a critical mass of supporters dedicated to their survival.

Wallace Fountains are an example of the best type of public/private partnership for the common good. Donated by Sir Richard Wallace almost 150 years ago, the fountains continue to dispense to everyone free, clean drinking water, delivered by the city water department. When they first appeared on the streets of Paris, they were a blessing to the poor, who rarely had access to affordable, clean water and were suffering health consequences as a result.

When they were initially installed in Paris, the acclaim they received encouraged worldwide philanthropy by motivating others to use private wealth to meet pressing human needs. The Society of the Wallace Fountains will honor that tradition by recognizing and encouraging the use of private wealth in partnership for the common good.

Status & Governance – The Society is a nonprofit organization.  It is a registered French Association governed by the law of July 1, 1901. The Society is administered and governed by an international Board of Directors.

Membership – Membership is open to any person interested in supporting the mission of the Society. Annual membership dues of 50€ are used to fund the activities of the Society, including development and maintenance of this website. Benefits of membership include a bi-annual electronic newsletter and invitations to participate in organized walking tours to find Wallace Fountains in Paris and other exclusive Society sponsored events.

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Association governed by the law of July 1, 1901.

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