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Finding the Fountains

Wallace Fountains have been iconic fixtures in Paris for almost 150 years and they remain a welcome sight for thirsty Parisians and visitors alike. All 103 fountains mentioned in our guided walks are beloved parts of the Parisian landscape. Because the fountains were designed to blend into the streetscape, and Paris is a city of distractions, finding the fountains can be a challenge that turns a simple walk into an enjoyable treasure hunt.

Self-guided Walks – You can find all 103 Wallace Fountains by taking the 21 self-guided walks we have organized. Each walking tour will take you to a different part of Paris. Each walk can be done in less than a half day and each is designed to help you discover Paris and its many wonders. When you find the fountains, you also find the real Paris.
Wallace Fountains are one of Paris’ greatest treasures and are enduring symbols of humanitarianism and cooperation. If you go on foot to find the fountains, a few of them or all of them, don’t be surprised if you soon come to think of them as your fountains, deserving of protection and preservation.

Share – Post a selfie taken at each fountain on your social media and note the discoveries you make during your search. Share your adventures and findings with others on the Comment page of this website.

Take a Drink – Don’t be afraid to drink from the fountains or to fill your water bottle. The water is high quality. Drink from the fountains to drink in the spirit of Paris. Quench your thirst and be reminded of Sir Wallace’s kindness and generosity to the people of Paris.

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