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Take the Challenge

Challenge yourself, your family or a group of friends to find all 103 Wallace Fountains located in the City of Paris. Few have done so, and even fewer have documented finding the fountains in the same way bird watching enthusiasts document the sighting of birds.

Use the 21 guided walks to find each Wallace Fountain or locate them individually as you travel about the city for other purposes. If competition is motivating, form individual or team challenges to be the first to find all 103 fountains. Each walk also can be a pleasant, inexpensive, healthy family outing. There are countless ways to make finding the fountains lots of fun! So, go out and enjoy the streets of Paris and see if you can find all the fountains.

Download and fill in the Wallace Fountains Chart to document the time and date you found each fountain. When you have documented all 103 fountains, attach your completed chart as a pdf and send it with your message to info@wallacefountains.org. You will receive a Certificate of Achievement and automatically become a Friend of the Fountains.

Download Your Chart

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