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21 Self-Guided Walks

The 21 self-guided walks take you to different parts of Paris. Use the map below to view the area of Paris for each numbered walk. Each guided walk includes a map and a narrative that gives directions and often mentions points of interest along the route. Use the guided walks to find the fountains and the wonders of Paris.

Download – To download a self-guided walk, click on Get Started Now at the bottom of the page. The downloads are formatted for mobile devices and are free of charge. But, we hope you will donate a very small amount to help fund the development and maintenance of this website and the work of the Society of the Wallace Fountains. You also will have the option to register to receive updates and information about the fountains.

Walk 1 – City Center

Walk 2 – Jardin du Luxembourg

Walk 3 – Montparnasse

Walk 4 – Jardin des Plantes

Walk 5 – Bastille

Walk 6 – Republic

Walk 7 – Concorde-Opera

Walk 8 – Montmartre

Walk 9 – Batignolles

Walk 10 – Arc de Triomphe

Walk 11 – Tracadero

Walk 12 – Mirabeau

Walk 13 – Convention

Walk 14 – Parc Montsouris

Walk 15 – Quartier Asiatique

Walk 16 – Diderot-Vincennes

Walk 17 – Père Lachaise

Walk 18 – Gambetta

Walk 19 – Ménilmontant

Walk 20 – Buttes Chaument

Walk 21 – La Villette

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