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Friends of the Fountains

Complete the Challenge – When you find all 103 Wallace Fountains located in Paris and document your accomplishment by completing and returning the Wallace Fountains Chart, you will become a Friend of the Fountains and receive a Certificate of Achievement by email. For details, see Take the Challenge.

Report a Problem – You can be a friend of the fountains by making sure they are working properly. If a fountain has a continuously flowing stream of water, sometimes the water overflows the basin and causes damage because the drain is stopped by debris. Removing the debris to open the drain will prevent damage from rust and erosion. If you find a fountain is malfunctioning, vandalized or in need of maintenance, you can report it to Eau de Paris by phone, Tel. 0974 506 507, or at their website. Your action will help preserve and protect the fountains for future generations to enjoy.

Donate – Help us publicize, promote, preserve and protect the Wallace Fountains of Paris.  Your donation of any size will help us bring attention to the fountains and assure their existence long into the future.


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