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Practical Information

Guide to the Walking Tours – Each of the 21 walks and all 103 fountains are numbered. Each walk starts and ends at a Metro Station or Tram Stop. A RATP Metro map is available at most Metro stations or online.

For each walk, a map shows the route and indicates the location of each numbered fountain. The narrative gives specific directions, and often mentions a few points of interest along the route to serve as location references. The maps are oriented north-south. An indication arrow points to the north direction.

The walks can be done in any order. For those who want a longer adventure, more than one walk can be done in a single outing. While the approximate length of each walk is indicated, the time it takes to complete each walk will vary depending on the speed of the walker and the number of stops and detours taken along the way. All walks can be done in half a day or less. In addition, all walks are suitable for families and make a pleasant, inexpensive outing family members can enjoy together.

Discovery – Do not be afraid to take a detour, or to deviate from the route to take in something that grabs attention. Discovery is the purpose of these ventures onto the streets of Paris. It is best to do the walks in the daylight when everything is the most visible.

Document and Share – Take time to record the discovery of each fountain and participate in the Challenge to find all 103 Wallace Fountains located throughout the city of Paris. Share with others interesting things you discovered during your search for the fountains. Provide information about cafes, restaurants, boulangeries and bars found along the way, as well as to comment on points of interest, monuments, architecture, public art, galleries, ateliers and shops discovered during a walk. Post your fountain selfies and discoveries on your own social media, too.


Practical Advice

Shoes – It is wise to wear comfortable walking shoes or athletic shoes designed for walking or running.

Fountains – Check the website of Eau de Paris for current information about fountains that may not be working or temporarily removed due to maintenance or street repair. If you find a fountain is malfunctioning, vandalized or in need of maintenance, you can report it to Eau de Paris by phone, Tel. 09 74 50 65 07, or at their website.

Toilets – Paris has many public toilets on the streets and green spaces. The Paris website gives the addresses of all the public toilets.

Opening Hours – The routes go past numerous public squares, parks and gardens that can be closed. You can find the opening hours on the Paris website .

WARNING! Paris is always undergoing renovation, repair, rebuilding, restoration, redevelopment, refurbishing or renewal. As a result, be prepared to encounter the possibility of construction projects along the route that may pose an inconvenience or require a detour.

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